Digital Marketing – From Concept to Campaign

Digital Marketing IS marketing. And every day, more of your potential customers are finding more ways to go digital. Whether that’s downloading the newest app to connect with their friends or listening to a new true crime thriller, online experiences are here to stay and your brand should be there as consistent and convincing as possible. 

Leverage our team’s years of experience in developing quality landing pages, engaging social media posts, websites, online stores, digital advertisements (and so much more!) by enrolling in one of our digital marketing service plans. We have experience working with Fortune 500 companies, so have confidence that you will be working with professionals from start to finish. From startup to Blue Chip, we can help your message reach your audience and start getting results.

Application Development – From Starting Point to Deployment (and beyond)

Software development can be a daunting task, especially as someone without a technical background. Know that we have your back! We can manage the process from wherever you are to deployment! Our team of Full Stack Software Engineers are ready to take on the challenge.

During your one-on-one consultation, you will have someone ready to guide you along the discovery process. Every part of the project might not be fleshed out just yet, and that’s totally fine! We are prepared to educate as well as guide implement the right software solution for your goals.

E-Commerce Services – Clean, Elegant Store Designs and Services

Every business is becoming a technology business and retail isn’t an exception. Selling online brings its own challenges and it helps to have a company you can call on to implement those campaigns. Our team at OrgosCo can help you achieve your goals as you sell online. Whether its a complete website redesign or an integration with a 3rd party service like Ship Station for your Shopify or WordPress store, we can help you from start to finish.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

The days of looking up companies in the newspaper or YellowPages are coming to a close. Now, if your company isn’t playing nice with the big search engines, it can be hard for your ideal customers to find your brand.

Our Search Engine Optimization team can help you make sure you are on top of being discoverable online. Organic traffic to your site is a great indicator of success and brand recognition. We can help your brand start or improve at any stage.